• Black Crocs with rainbow shutterz shoe charms

    Rainbow Shutterz

  • Black and White Crocs with black and white shutterz shoe charms

    Black & White Shutterz

  • Camo Crocs with orange shutterz shoe charms

    Orange Shutterz

  • White Crocs with red shutterz shoe charms

    Red Shutterz

  • Purple Crocs with Purple Shutterz Shoe Charms

    Purple Shutterz

  • Made In Ohio

    Made With: 100% USA Materials

What Makes Us Unique?

  • ⭐SHUTTERZ are compatible with Classic Crocs, Simply pop them into your shoes for a distinctive, personalized look.
  • ⭐[Secure Fit Charms] - Our colored charms snap right in and stay snug. They’re easily interchangeable so you can sport different colors whenever you’d like!
  • ⭐[Variety of Colors] - Choose from blue charms to yellow charms and just about any color of the rainbow, including multi-colored packs that really make your shoes stand out!
  • ⭐[Keeps Feet Dry] - Our specially designed and patented charms keep your feet dry from rain and snow so you can wear your shoes in all kinds of conditions!
  • ⭐[Sized to Fit All!] - Fits Classic Crocs: Little kid sizes 1-3, Big kid 4-6, Men’s 2-12, Women’s 4-14. Our Shutterz charms are for kids, adults and everyone in between ensures everyone can enjoy personalized shoes
  • ⭐[Made in USA!] - SHUTTERZ Charms are made of 100% recyclable material that is flexible and waterproof, right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality.

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Our Story

Our company was founded in 2022 by a group that set out to solve the basic problem of wet feet resulting from wearing clogs outside in the elements. If there were some fashionable way to seal the side openings of clogs while providing the wearer comfort and individuality. From this problem, Shutterz were born. We have undergone extensive testing to select the most effective material to flex and stay securely in place while conforming with each step. We launched in November of 2022 and have experienced strong demand for our products. Shutterz are now offered in a wide variety of colors that can be mixed and matched to express the unique you!